About me

"Hi, I'm Deidre, the heart and soul behind Deerora Creations. As a devoted mom, compassionate nurse, published author, and driven entrepreneur, my life is a tapestry of diverse passions and pursuits. My journey through motherhood has ignited a deep sense of empathy and nurturing, which I carry into every aspect of my work.

With a stethoscope in one hand and a pen in the other, I've found solace in the healing power of words, writing to inspire and uplift. My entrepreneurial spirit led me to create Deerora Creations, where my love for helping others meets my knack for crafting beautiful custom planners, notebooks, travel gear, and accessories.

Through Deerora Creations, I aim to share my passion for creation and assistance. I invite you to join me on this meaningful journey, where we combine creativity and compassion to make each day a little brighter."